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The next day Stowey returns and the couple resumes their married life, more satisfying, perhaps, for Cleota's momentary breakout from the puritanical habits that have brought her a measure of despair. Cut outa here right now, make for the Yard; we puts up a staging and slap in a new rail by tomorrow noon, maybe even by ten o-clock. The immense pathos of the short story, in which he does, unhappily, accede to financial necessity and his outworn code of honor, yields in the longer version to a happy ending in which he permits Roslyn and Perce to let the mustangs go, except for a stallion which he wrestles into submission and then frees to show that he is still in control. The mustangs have been hunted down for years and now it takes extraordinary efforts to locate and ensnare them. Indeed, it dramatizes the struggle of wills among a group of female characters. Awake, and think on Christ's passion!

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The parent seems to hold all the highest cards, but in reality—and nobody intuits this more swiftly than the child—the whole point of the family structure is to nurture the child toward self-realization and a happy life in the future.

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The Fiction of Arthur Miller

Very straight and even lay his elegant parted hair. And on the threshold of the door outside: He sharpens ploughshares and plough blades busily. If their mass extinction for it's clear that teams of fishermen are operating similar nets up and down the coast recalls wartime atrocities, it also serves as a warning to postwar readers that the conditions of consumer behavior inevitably involve a war against nature in which all of us are implicated. In the long version Roslyn becomes an "interpretive" dancer who has dwindled to performing in dance halls, and has found even shadier ways of supporting herself. And especially on this carpenter's wife.

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Hammering the rail into shape is a means of hammering his flaccid selfhood into shape, a Promethean labor that will, many pages later, command the respect of the captain, who will feel momentarily inferior to this common man capable of so much determined and skillful labor. She must acquire a masculine vision of experience if she expects Gay to move a commensurate distance toward her nurturing piety toward nature. An older woman, Isabelle Thelma Ritter in the filmhas befriended the insecure Roslyn, a high school dropout whom Isabelle compares to a little child and chaperones a short distance till Gay assumes the commanding role. He should kiss his ass before he escapes. As does the white duck after her drake.

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