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Ligaments became the strings of violins; Buttocks the timpani for sound As I blew upon the horn for melody… Music, oh what music for the quivering morn! In morning, there is no darkness To hide our smoldering fires. Pushing him upon his back, I licked his thighs. If only he could touch her, Her name like an old wish In the stopped weather of salt On a snail. Smiling at me, Wicked lazy lusty eyes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cheek pressed to cheek, the cool, the hot night-breeze Mingled our hair, our breath, and came and went, As sporting with our passion.

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And love be thrall to death!

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Erotic Poems

What is Earth but dust under feet? Poured him a beer before I kissed him, Stripped him of his clothes And took him to my bed. Continue Find Out More. I want to go sign up. Then he came, gushed upon my chest, Warm and sweet as cream.

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I cannot leave Nor shrivel from his yielding kiss, His darkness freely offered as he stirs, waiting, Hoping for what I now long to open. Gertrud von Puttkamer wrote lesbian-themed poetry in the early to mid s. He longs to be An orange, to feel fingernails Run a seam through him. Once home, after drinking second glass of wine. For you to have the best experience on Lulu. Look at that charming face, Waves of light upon his golden hair, Sunrise twinkling from blue eyes, His boyish smile revealed pure innocence. Erotic poetry may also deal with gender issues, infidelity and sexual deviance.

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