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Because I recognized that I had been given a talent, I felt that I should cultivate it so I went to a Baptist University and majored in vocal performance and minored in piano. I was especially struck by her divorce comparison where she strongly implies that divorce is a sin because of what Jesus said about it. Jesus demonstrates real faith by keeping the words of the father. David Phelps is not very good looking - but man that voice is seriously one of the most amazing ever. To be pure, not to lie, steal, worship idols, lust, kill, etc. I've googled him and everything seems to stop about That open door is rarely opened for free.

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I am always amazed how people always want to say how Jesus never addressed certain issue.

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All in the Family

I used to find comfort in southern gospel - until one day I realized how depressing it is. He pings off the charts. They are wonderful, godly people. A true christian will not be able to remain in a state of sin, in a lifestyle of sin. It says it all…God Bless, Will. BP --Grammy Award-winner Cynthia Clawson, for years known as one of gospel music's most noted vocalists, is scheduled to sing at an anniversary gala for the Cathedral of Hope -- the world's largest homosexual congregation -- in Dallas July

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It says it all…God Bless, Will. Oh, it fits, baby. Blind Item of sorts for y'all. Romans chapter one is enough scripture to put this issue of gay people to rest. The scriptures demand that the church make a break from those who are willfully and unrepentantly involved in sexual sin eg; 1 Cor. But we must love all pleople and pray for their sins to turh from them.

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