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My own personal history led me to suspend my disbelief more vigorously than I otherwise might have. All tech companies strive to be ubiquitous. Smollett did not initially mention the MAGA detail to police, according to a department spokesman. Shortly after ABC News aired, Chicago police announced a potentially important development in their investigation. They said that two men had been detected in surveillance film in the area of the alleged attack and were now being questioned, though they were not being treated as suspects. More articles. Share This Story.

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Police on Thursday accused Smollett of concocting an attack in Chicago after sending himself a homophobic and racist letter.

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He has Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Thursday said Smollett faked the assault because of dissatisfaction with his salary and a desire for more attention. The actor, best known for his role as the gay character Jamal Lyon on the Fox TV show, said the attack happened when he was out looking for food in Chicago having just landed in the city. Jay Connor Menace to supremacy.

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MAGA" the president tweeted minutes after the Chicago Police Department outlined the the allegations against Smollett in a news conference.

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