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Trey and Matt credit this episode and " Mr. Garrison's claim that gay people are evil and have a "black vomitous fluid" running through their veins, and the moment when Jesus was about to explain his feelings regarding homosexuality only to be cut off by "Marty's Movie Reviews". Jimbo and Ned decide to improve the odds. Trey and Matt wanted to write a scenario about a boy trying to convince his dog not to be homosexual. The distraction couldn't come at a worse time, because Stan quarterbacks the school football team, the South Park Cows, who are about to play the Middle Park Cowboys. Was this review helpful to you?

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Will Stan make it back from Al's in time?

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Don't Be Gay - Video Clip | South Park Studios UK & Ireland

The show was mentioned in the episode " Weight Gain ", but actual footage from the show was not featured. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Was this review helpful to you? Meanwhile, Richard Stamos fails to hit the high note of the song at half time. The disappearance of Big Gay Al at the end of the episode is a spoof of Dr.

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After his teacher Mr Garrison tells him gay people are evil and the other children make fun of him he tries to dissuade Sparky from being gay. But fans like it that way". Parker added, "Since South Park is sort of a show that rips on celebrity, we wanted to degrade them in other ways too. Stan believes Sparky to be the toughest dog in South Park; but, when Sparky suddenly jumps on top of another male dog and begins humping him energetically, Cartman declares that Sparky is homosexual. Stan wishes his dog Sparky would be "a Rin Tin Tin". Also a childhood friend of Trey and Matt claimed Big Gay Al is supposedly based on a real life resident in Fairplay, Colorado who cross-dressed and lived out of town. Big Gay Al's big gay boatride is a good episode and the show starts getting better after this one.

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