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Culture, creatives, and the marketplace are becoming more interested in the development of Artificial Intelligence. In the face of human depravity and under an enormous threat of violence, some are leading the way. The way that we build character depends on how we approach even the littlest habits and moments of our days. He was frequently being tempted to have sex with underage boys but would one day shelter a young Jewish refugee and barely avoid taking him into his own bed which would eventually allow him to escape the Nazis and become a monk who would try to convert the antichrist right before Armageddon destroyed humanity. Is it possible for two identities at seemingly opposing ends of the spectrum to thrive harmoniously? Many of us struggle to discern our role in God? Colin Woodard America was a divided nation since her founding.

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Lewis articulates this well:

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What It Is Like To Be Celibate, Christian, and Gay

Being gay is who you are, not what you do. But even with this apparent rise of self-love, there's also an institutional bent in Millennials that wasn't there in Gen X. My friends became younger and younger as I sought those who had space in their lives for me. Or are we all? Jefferson Bethke believes the answer lies within the problem.

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Praxis Entrepreneurship Each year at Q, we partner with Praxis Labs to hear from some of the best up-and-comping visionaries. Being gay is who you are, not what you do. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson argues to do activism well means carrying with us the awareness that our activism cannot fix everything? We live in an age of innovation, and a debate is raging about whether technology is improving our lives or making them worse. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. How can we work toward racial reconciliation in America? The Way Forward The Christian church in the West is struggling to embody faithfulness in a culture that is rapidly changing.

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